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BEEDEN Honey At Trinity Village 

We are delighted that you have chosen Beeden Honey!


Thank you to everyone who purchased BEEDEN Honey, we have officially SOLD OUT!  


Our bees have been working hard this year in between bouts of torrential rain and drought to bring you that special taste of summer gardens in a jar.  July and August rains provided a burst of growth in our fall bloomers like the asters, zinnias and goldenrod.  As a result of the warm, dry September and early October, our bees were foraging late into the season.  We watched the hives pack away a generous amount for their winter stores and provide some for us as well.  Finally, it is all harvested and processed with a delightful late harvest to include in the seasonal honey box.   

In this box you will find three jars of honey from early, mid and late season harvests.  These jars are named for people in our community who were nominated because of their commitment to Trinity Village’s Eden philosophy and their interest in our environment.  The final choice of three people from the many candidates submitted was exceptionally difficult this year.  Through the dedication of the Beeden Honey team to a high standard of objective consideration, the final three were chosen.  You can read their stories below.


Once again, we want to say thank you so very much for choosing Beeden Honey.   

The entire Beeden Team: 

Allison, Bonnie, Christine, Hedi, Helen, Judy, Lisa, and Ron 



Trinity Village BEEDEN Stories

Joan - Peach hued Rose 

gratitude, sincerity, friendship 

Joan and her husband lived here until his passing; today she continues gratefully within the Terrace community.  Joan offers practical warm friendship: a helping hand, a bowl of soup, planning, taking part in events.  Here and at the family cottage, Joan loves her gardens and her early marriage rose; the interaction between diverse flowers and the butterflies they attract.  Just as the flowers and butterflies benefit each other, so Joan and her community find mutual support, thriving together through the seasons of life. 


Debby - Dahlia  

diversity, inclusion, commitment to what is good 


Debby’s roots run deep having grandparents who lived and a mother who worked at Trinity Village; a new generation caring for the older one.   Debby’s greatest joy is providing care that encourages elders to live a fulfilled life with individually designed accommodations.  Her supportive nature extends to the community, advancing the expansion of ideas for the good of all.  Like the broad, colourful Dahlia family, Debby gathers diverse individuals together into a vibrant, flourishing community. 


Kim - Sunflower 

steadfast loyalty, happiness 

For thirty-eight years, Kim has been loyal to Trinity Village in a variety of roles. Today, she enjoys the resident interactions while she freshens their rooms. Kim has been a friend to many who work and call Trinity Village home.  It’s the little extras: a cheery ‘Hello’ or tuning the tele to your favourite show that allows Kim to infuse each day with sunshine. Just like the sunflower, Kim’s sunny disposition spills happiness everywhere she goes. 




For More Information

Please contact Hedi Lee, Horticulture Manager

T: 519-893-6320 x252