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In 1972, Hugh and Pamela MacLean bought St. Jerome’s College dormitory that was originally built in 1952, but had sat empty since the college re-located to the University of Waterloo campus. With some renovations it opened as St. Raphael’s Nursing home and so the history of service to seniors in the Kitchener-Waterloo community began.


Financial struggles in the early 90’s led to Lutheran Homes Kitchener-Waterloo purchasing the nursing home in 1993 and re-naming the home Trinity Village. Lutheran Homes K-W is a ministry of the Eastern Synod of the Lutheran Church. Under the agreement to purchase, Lutheran Homes had to build a new facility. The new care centre sits adjacent to the old site and was built in 2002.


With a view of accommodating more independent seniors, Trinity Village Terrace town homes were built beginning in the late 90’s. These beautiful town homes surround the 11 ½ acre property. Their design has seniors in mind and residents enjoy not having the burden of seasonal maintenance such as snow shovelling or grass cutting.


In 2004, plans began to renovate the old care centre facility into an affordable retirement residence and so the continuum of care was established when it opened the following year.


Trinity Village Studios, named for its many one room studios, also has spacious two-room suites. The conversion from a 150 bed nursing home to a 62 unit retirement residence was a huge undertaking. In fact, it gives many people a reason to drop by and see the workplace they once knew or the dormitory they once lived in. The beautifully appointed Studios, often leave people guessing how it used to be.


Lutheran Homes Kitchener-Waterloo

Lutheran Homes Kitchener-Waterloo, Outreach Services Program in support of Re-Imagining Church through Property Redevelopment and Renewed Mission. Called to love and honour the church and community, by assisting congregations to unlock their property assets for greater service, it’s a calling LHKW takes to heart.


Outreach Services

With a proven track record in community care LHKW is once again responding to a need and opportunity that is real and growing in significance.


We know communities are being shaped by a confluence of demographic aging, shrinking traditional main stream church congregations—and related pressures on financial and congregational  vitality, a shortage of affordable housing and emerging social needs particularly for the frail, elderly and low income citizens, those LHKW is specifically called to serve. 


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