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Latest News at Trinity Village 


Trinity Village recognizes that being able to connect with family and friends is essential to the emotional health and well-being of the people who live at Trinity Village.  We are committed to working with family are care partners to support these connections while maintaining a safe environment for residents and staff.

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Trinity Village strives to deliver a person-centered approach that empowers our elders, their care partners, and families. In all circumstances, we continue to look to and uphold our values:


People – Integrity – Excellence – Partnerships


to guide us forward as we carry out our mission to build a caring community that values and fosters the worth and lifestyle of our elders and their care partners.


With re-opening comes risk and planning in a phased manner that meets the health and safety needs of residents, staff, and visitors. Please carefully read and follow the visiting guidelines outlined.


Respectfully – Debby Riepert, COO







1. What previously announced Protocols continue?


Screening Protocol

- Rapid Testing for every person entering the home.

- Visiting hours are stopped until further notice – Exception Pre-Arranged outdoor visits.

- Residents temperatures took twice daily morning and evening

- Staff screened, temperatures took beginning and end of shift

- Contractor work limited to life safety and essential services. All contractors screened prior to entry.

Essential Visitors Protocol

- Exception for residents at the end of life stage

- Escort to and from the room, remain in the room, visit length limited to one person one time

New Resident Admission Protocol

Prior to move in a negative swab test result must be received and to move in within 24 hours and isolate to their room for 14 days

Personal Protective Equipment -

- All staff on home areas are wearing appropriate PPE (face mask with shield, mask, gown, gloves) that are medical grade from reputable providers

Further Measures

- TVCC Implemented staff cohort to home areas

- TVCC residents isolated to their room

- Concerted effort toward social distancing sitewide

- TVS cohort measures for meal service



2. What is the staffing level during COVID-19 look like?


Staffing levels are being maintained.



3. What is the process if I take my loved one home?


As per the direction from the WWLHIN

- Resident will be discharged from Trinity Village

- Residents will remain in their home area until COVID-19 is declared over

- When Trinity Village is cleared, admitting back into the home will resume, the resident’s taken home will be put on a readmission priority list with the WWLHIN to be readmitted as soon as possible. This process may take time depending on the number of bed vacancies within the region



4. What is the meal service during COVID- 19 outbreak?


Dining room service has resumed by limiting the number of residents at a time to maintain social distance.



5. What are the criteria for declaring the outbreak over at Trinity Village?


The outbreak is declared over by the local Medical Officer of Health or designate in collaboration with the Outbreak Management Team when there are no new cases in residents or staff after 14 days from the latest of:

- Date of isolation of the last resident case; OR

- Date of illness onset of the last resident case; OR

- Date of last shift at work for the last staff case.



6. Are Hairdressing services allowed in long-term care and retirement homes?


Hairdressing Services at TVCC are now permitted.



7. Where do I get tested for COVID-19?

For locations in Waterloo Region where COVID-19 testing is occurring please visit;

For locations in WDG Region where COVID-19 testing is occurring please visit;



8. Where do I check my COVID results?

Go to the link below, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click I Accept. This will bring you to the Verify with Health Card, enter your information, and click Verify Patient at the bottom of the page. This will bring you to your test results.



9. Can I bring flowers for my loved one?

Yes, flowers may be brought in with the exception of Lillies and Hyacinths due to allergy reasons per policy.


10. Do the flowers have to wait 72 hours before being delivered to my loved one?

No, flowers will go straight to your loved ones once we receive them.


11. Can I bring in food items for my loved one?

Residents can order from a health-inspected approved source. This means, no home-baked items, only grocery stores, and restaurant food items. As well, food items can be brought in by yourself for residents provided that it comes from a health-inspected approved source (only grocery or restaurant food items) & verified by Nutrition Manager to meet nutritional needs/restrictions.

12. What are my other transportation options for Absences?

Public Transportation

Mobility Plus (must be a registered user with a valid MobilityPLUS ID number & book well in advance)

(519) 744-2241 (Booking Hours Monday-Sunday 8:30 a.m. - 10:15 p.m.)


Wheelchair Taxi Cab

United Taxi



City Cabs
(519) 747-7777


Non-Emergency Patient Transfer




ONE Transportation



New Canadian Medical Transfer







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