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Privacy Policy


We do collect selected visitor information such as IP addresses, return visits form past guests, referring pages, pages visited and time spent on the website. This non-personally identifiable information is collected in order to obtain statistical analysis of website traffic patterns, administer our website and servers, allow for auditing of our services by third parties and improve our services. We collect data in aggregate form and data is not recorded or stored about individual visitors.


We do use cookies to serve you better. We do not use cookies to retrieve personal data from your hard drive or to obtain your email address or other personal information. A cookie is information about how and when you use a site a site and it is created at the time you visit a site. Rather than retain this data, the company’s cookies is a small text file sent to your computer hard drive to record your preference information on your own computer. Most of our cookies are “session cookies” used only for the time you stay on the website each visit. We do have some “persistent cookies” to identify previous visits so that you may be directed to that part of our website that you are most interested in. “Persistent cookies” stay on your computer between visits to the site. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you may choose not to by setting your browser options to inform you when cookies are being sent or to deny cookies altogether.


Please note, however, that by not accepting cookies, you may limit the functionality that we can provide to you when you visit our site.


Privacy Officer


Any questions or concerns can be directed to:


Debby Riepert

Chief Operating Officer

(519) 893-6320 ext. 250