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Trinity Village Studios Virtual Tour 

Welcome to our Trinity Village 3D Virtual Tour, here you can access floorplans & measurements, photos, and a full 360-degrees 3D tour of our Studios suites and common areas. 

Follow the directions below to navigate through the 3D Virtual Tour or click on the question mark button at the bottom of the 3D Tour to see a user interface help video.

How to use the iGuide Virtual Tour

To begin, click on the image where it says "CLICK TO EXPLORE".  From there you can click and drag your mouse up, down, left, and right to see the whole room OR press the white play button, within a circle, located at the bottom middle of the 3D Tour for a slow-motion 180-degree view of the room.

  • To move to a different vantage point or a new room within the suite find the glowing white circle of the floor and click on it OR click on the green circles on the floorplan to the left of the 3D Tour.

  • To make the Virtual Tour Full Screen, click the square "Toggle Fullscreen" button located at the bottom right of the tour.

  • To explore other suites and common areas, click the "Select Floor" button located at the bottom left of the floor plan.         

For more details, such as photos and floorplans, click the three white dots at the top right of the 3D tour.