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community-minded individuals Volunteering at Trinity Village

Trinity Village is privileged to have over 120 volunteers supporting our organization. This strong and committed group of community-minded individuals is an integral part of the Trinity Village family. They work alongside our staff, providing supplementary resident services and support. Volunteers provide service in over 18 areas and contribute over 14,500 hours of volunteer service on an annual basis. We welcome volunteers to become a part of our community helping to make a difference in the lives of our residents through our wide range of opportunities we offer to you and our resident’s.  Discover the joy and fulfillment of volunteering at Trinity Village.


Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for individuals whose personal values complement those of Trinity Village who are positive, caring, sensitive, energetic, and people focused. Volunteer opportunities exist in resident care areas, and fundraising. Your volunteer service will depend on your areas of interest, your availability and the available/open opportunities. Volunteers must be a minimum of 14 years of age and be committed to volunteering a minimum of four month. All volunteers must attend an orientation as part of their training.


Current Volunteer Openings
  • Friendly Visitor
  • Dining Room Assistant



Potential volunteers will be contacted following the completion of the online Volunteer Application Form. You may also contact the volunteer coordinator to find out how you can become involved. Once the form has been received and reviewed, you will be contacted for an interview. At the interview, services are discussed along with the skills and interests of the potential volunteer.


We greatly appreciate your interest in volunteering at Trinity Village, however, there are times at which our capacity to accommodate volunteers is at a maximum, and we may not be able to provide you with the volunteer experience that you’re looking for.  We will keep your application on file, and may contact you if a new position or vacant position becomes available.



Volunteers must be a minimum of 14 years of age and be committed to volunteering a minimum of four months. All volunteers must attend Trinity Village orientation as part of their training.


Expectations of Volunteers

When you are accepted as a volunteer, at Trinity Village you must provide the name, address and phone number of two references. The two references will be contacted by phone or email and will be sent a form to complete and return.  Please note: an interview does not guarantee a volunteer position.


A health review, which includes a two part TB skin test will be required depending on volunteer position and travel history prior to starting your specific volunteer role. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to contact their family physician or Public Health to make arrangements to have this completed. This can take several weeks.


All volunteers must provide a current Vulnerable Criminal Reference Check (Police Check) at the general orientation. Your volunteer service will not commence until Criminal Reference Check have been completed.




Care Centre

Judy McKnight
Volunteer Coordinator
Trinity Village Care Centre

Phone: (519) 893-6320 ext. 310

Studios Retirement

Jennifer May
Activities Director 
Trinity Village Studios

Phone: (519) 896-3112 ext. 248



Volunteer Application Form

Once you have completed the form, be sure to check the Volunteer Release and Waiver Agreement and click the "Continue" button.

Personal Data
All volunteer information is held in strict confidence and will be used only to match an individual to a suitable volunteer position or in the collection of statistical data.
* First Name
* Last Name
Middle Name
* Street 1
Street 2
* City
* Province
Postal Code
* Home Phone
Work Phone
Email Address
Age of applicant (if under 18):
Emergency Contact
* First Name:
* Last Name:
Middle Name:
* Street 1:
Street 2:
* City:
* Province:
Postal Code:
* Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Please list any work or volunteer experience that may be relevant.
Skills, hobbies, interests or certifications
Please list relevant skills, hobbies, interests or certifications.
Volunteer Information
When are you able to volunteer?

Preferred Time of Day
I would like to serve up to:
Volunteer Agreement/Release and Waiver
As a volunteer applying to perform duties for Trinity Village, I fully understand and agree to the following:

1. I will respect the resident’s right to privacy and their right to be treated with dignity, understand and support the Residents-Bill of Rights.
2. I will meet my time and duty commitments or provide adequate notice.
3. That I will not receive remuneration, salary, wage or payment of any employee benefit whatsoever, or be covered by Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997, S.O. 1997 Chapter 16, Sch. A. in case of injury during the completion of my volunteer duties.
4. That I will immediately notify the appropriate supervisor of any incident that involves personal injury or property damage during my volunteer duties.
5. That the volunteer placement may be terminated by either party following consultation with the Volunteer Coordinator.
6. I acknowledge that volunteer activity may involve personal risk of damage or injury. Notwithstanding this acknowledgement, I hereby release Trinity Village, employees, residents and agents from all claims for damage or injury to myself resulting from my participation as a volunteer, unless such damage or injury is caused solely by the gross negligence of Trinity Village.
7. I understand that a volunteer position is conditional upon a 60 day probationary period, during which all statements made on this application may be verified.
8. It is my responsibility to read and understand the volunteer handbook outlining the procedures and guidelines of Trinity Village. I also agree to follow these policies, procedures and guidelines as outlined in the Volunteer Handbook.
9. I understand and agree that privileged information received about residents, volunteers and/or staff of Trinity Village is confidential. I understand that I do not have access to a resident’s chart and that if I require information about specific residents in order to fulfill my duties, it will be shared with me by the Volunteer Coordinator and/or Recreation staff. I also understand that information about a resident’s specific needs or behaviour is to be discussed in an area outside the hearing of others and I will refer family member’s requests for information to either the Director of Recreation or Charge Nurse. Failure to maintain confidentiality may be cause for my immediate dismissal or will be means of corrective action.
10. I hereby give permission to Trinity Village for use of my picture in any promotional material including advertising, brochures, publications, video productions and other uses. I waive the right to any fee or compensation for either the photographic sitting or the use or reproduction of the resulting photographs in any medium. I understand these materials may be used by Trinity Village.

By agreeing to the terms listed above, I acknowledge having read, understood and agreed to the above conditions, release and waivers, for any role that I am assigned and agree to perform for Trinity Village.

* I Agree

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