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Meet Jocelyn – a Personal Support Worker (PSW) at Trinity Village Care Centre.

Jocelyn’s journey with Trinity Village began as a volunteer. When she finished her schooling, she started volunteering Mondays to Thursdays from 8am to 2pm. “I have a hard time being still,” she says, “It gave me a lot of confidence – and allowed me to become familiar with the environment and the people.”

Jocelyn’s role allows her to be a big part of the residents’ lives, “I get to be myself with them, and they love it,” she says, “they appreciate authenticity.”

Something that has surprised Jocelyn about her role is the diverse types of dementia. “School gave me a foundation, but actually being around dementia has taught me acceptance and how to go with the flow.”

“I have a very strong connection with the team,” she says, “We are organized and hard-working, we are like a family.”

Jocelyn is a true believer in “you get what you give”. She gives happiness and respect and in return, she has formed true relationships and bonds with the residents she cares for and the people she works with.

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Meet Julie – Lead Recreationist for the Trinity Village Adult Day Program (ADP).

Julie has been with Trinity Village for seven years. She started as a Recreationist in the Care Centre and has now been with ADP for six years. “I love being a part of the day program,” Julie says, “every day is different.”

As Lead Recreationist, Julie’s day goes by very fast. From setting up to program planning, her main focus is on the clients. “The emphasis is showing them [the clients] that life is not over. Keeping them engaged and active is also important; we may not have it all together, but together we have it all.”

Outside of work, Julie and her husband are avid travellers. Last year, they visited Croatia and Greece for five weeks. They have also visited New York City, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia, St. Lucia, Cuba, Vegas, and are planning a trip to California for this year.

“If I could describe Trinity Village in one word, it would be – innovative. From a Recreation standpoint, we are always coming up with something new, and we aren’t afraid to try new things.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Julie!

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Meet Anna – volunteer at Trinity Village Care Centre since August 2018.

“My husband moved to the Care Centre and I started volunteering right away. I wanted to be closer to him.” Anna started as a dining room assistant and quickly started helping in other ways, whether through dancing with the residents or baking goodies for the staff.

When her husband passed, Anna continued to volunteer three to four times a week. “I formed a special bond with the residents, being here feels like a second home.”

“Whether it’s with a hug or a joke, it doesn’t take much to make someone smile. Just taking the time to show that you care about someone can go a long way.”

“I see a lot as a volunteer, and something that surprised me is how dedicated the PSWs and nurses are to their jobs. It’s hard work, and they continue to show up and put their hearts into what they do.”

When she’s not volunteering, Anna is busy with her five grandchildren, reading, cross-stitching, and watching Hallmark Channel movies. “I know those movies are sappy and silly, but they all have the same ending: a happily ever after…I had my happily ever after so I think everybody else should!”

Photo: Anna (right) shares a hug with a resident (left).

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Meet Jennifer May – Activities Director at Trinity Village Studios.

Jennifer (Jenny) has been working at the Studios since February 2019. With a background in Therapeutic Recreation, she knew early on that she wanted to work with seniors.  

“I get to know the residents on a personal level, and I use what I learn to create meaningful programs and outings for them,” Jenny says, “It’s their calendar…not my calendar.”

Not only does she plan programs and outings, but she also spends time forming relationships with the residents, running focus groups, booking entertainment and more. “Each resident and I have our own connection, it’s important to form that type of bond because it shapes what I do here.”

Jenny has particularly loved working with the Wilfred Laurier University students that specialize in different areas, i.e. Music students to help run the choir, and Community Service-Learning students that work with the Horticultural Manager. “Trinity Village is a very team-oriented environment, everyone comes together – and it’s the outside partnerships that we have that make it even more special.”

One of Jenny’s favourite experiences at Trinity Village so far has been taking the residents to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton. “It was a moment that mattered; they were able to try a Virtual Reality Experience about the Berlin Blitz. It was so empowering for them to relive that moment in history.”

Outside of work, Jenny is a huge New England Patriots fan. Her most memorable vacation is seeing the Patriots play in Boston this year with her boyfriend. “It was definitely a bucket list moment; we have wanted to do that for a while.”

“What I do is special because I get to learn interesting stories about each resident on a daily basis. I learn something new every day.”

Photo: Jenny (left) completing a puzzle with Doris (right)

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